Bulldog 2x 12K Jacks Dual Landing Gear & Electric Motor Kit w/ Cross Shaft Pipe Combo Drop Leg w/ Spring Return Powered Drive- 12.5" Lift w/ Pin on Front

Bulldog 2x 12K Jacks Dual Landing Gear & Electric Motor Kit w/ Cross Shaft Pipe Combo Drop Leg w/ Spring Return Powered Drive- 12.5" Lift w/ Pin on Front

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Bulldog 2x 12K Jacks Dual Landing Gear & Electric Motor Kit w/ Cross Shaft Pipe Combo Drop Leg w/ Spring Return Powered Drive- 12.5" Lift w/ Pin on Front


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Product Description

Includes Everything Pictured:

  • Bulldog 12,000 lbs. Square Trailer Jack Sidewind 12.5" Lift Drop Leg w/ Spring Return w/ Plunger Pin Facing Front
  • Bulldog 12,000 lbs. Square Trailer Jack Sidewind 12.5" Lift Drop Leg w/ Spring Return w/ Plunger Pin Facing Front
  • Bulldog 12,000 lbs. Electric Powered-Drive Trailer Jack Kit
  • Cross Shaft Tube w/Slotted Ends & Mounting Hardware, 72-3/4" Length (Can be cut to fit your length)

Strong, durable, and sturdy, the BULLDOG 12,000 lbs. support capacity square jack is the BIG reason why BULLDOG has carried the load in agricultural,  construction, heavy-duty utility, and horse/livestock trailer industries since 1923. All BULLDOG 4" square jacks are rated for 12,000 lbs. support capacity and 10,000 lbs. lift capacity. The strength of the product, plus the wide variety of styles, makes this jack the best choice in its product class.

  • 4" square tubing, 7-gauge superior alloy steel

  • Painted outer tube, inner tube, and drop leg

  • Drop leg option with 5 positioning holes

  • Easy-access gear box with grease fitting for routine maintenance

  • 12.5" screw travel, 13.5" of additional adjustment with drop leg

  • Painted (with or without labels) or powder paint optional

  • Limited 5-year warranty

  • ASABE Compliant



  • Support Capacity: 12,000 lbs.

  • Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

  • Retracted Bracket Height: 28.6"

  • Extended Bracket Height: 54.6"

  • Travel/Lift: 12.5"

  • This Jack is intended to be welded on directly onto your application

  • Non Spring Return Drop Leg w/ heavy-duty base

  • Drop Leg offers 13.50" of additional adjustment

  • Drop Leg pull pin is on the front

  • Crank sold separately

  • Sidewind model -  1:1.5 gear ratio

  • 4" Tubing width

    ​Bulldog Powered Drive Kit for Single Speed Jacks

    Designed for use with BULLDOG 12,000 lbs. and Twin Cam jacks. Lifts 50% more than competition

  • Lifts 50% more than competition

  • Lifts 3" per minute at typical working loads

  • Can be manually cranked in the event of power loss

  • Can be used in tandem applications

  • 5-year warranty

  • State of the art 12VDC electric motor

  • Quiet operation - 50% quieter than competitive units

  • Efficient use of electrical power - 60% more efficient than competitive units

  • Permanently lubricated to provide years of maintenance free use

  • Power drive dimensions are 8" length x 3-9/16" width x 6-3/16" height

  • Custom designed wiring harness & rocker switch enclosed in a weather proof box

  • Utilizes a 25 amp circuit breaker with push button reset feature

  • Powered drive assembly

  • Torque stop tube with energy absorption device

  • Replacement bevel gear & dowel pin

  • Install Instructions:

  • Remove the jack cross shaft. If your jack has non-welded hex bushings, refer to Service Bulletin F3310 (included). If you are installing the powered drive on a planetary two speed jack, refer to Service Bulletin F3376 (included). Refer to steps #1 through #5 for instructions on removing the cross shaft. Warning: Failure to follow these warnings and instructions may result in property damage, serious bodily injury, and/or death. ®
  • Replace the jack cross shaft temporarily with the powered drive/shaft. Install the shaft such that the powered drive is on the non-geared side of the jack with the motor down and within the profile of the jack (see Fig. 1). For a tandem jack system, the powered drive should be between the two jacks and installed on the “street-side” jack. For the tandem two-speed installation, the grease zerks will no longer be easily accessible. Your option is to drill two ¼” holes on an accessible side of the jack outer tube, and install new grease zerks (not included). Proceed with torque stop tube attachment.
  • With the powered drive/shaft temporarily installed, use it to locate the torque stop tube on the jack outer tube wall (see Fig. 1).
  • Place the torque stop tube on the rubber bumper (with the powered drive/shaft installed into the jack) and mark the location of the torque stop tube on the outer tube of the jack. Remove the powered drive/shaft and weld the torque stop tube on to the jack outer tube at your marked location (see Fig. 1).
  • Replace the powered drive/shaft. Make sure to place the energy-absorbing rubber bumper into the torque stop tube when assembling. This prevents the motor from rotating. Follow instructions of the appropriate Service Bulletin (see above) in reverse order to reassemble the jack. Use the standard hole for normal installation (see Fig. 2; do not use hole #2).
  • Attach the powered drive cover using the ¼” x 1” bolts and ¼” rubber bonded washers (included). Sandwich the cover between two rubber bonded washers on each bolt with the rubber side against the cover. Then, screw the bolts into the mounting flange holes. Torque the bolts to 6 ft. lbs. Your option is to apply a thread lock or retaining compound (not included) to the bolts. Place Bulldog decal (included) on outside of cover.
  • Running Tandem Jacks from the Powered Drive

    If you plan to run tandem jacks from the powered drive, you will need to use the hex coupling (included). This coupling can be welded to a length of 1 inch Schedule 40 pipe (see Figure 3). Slide the hex coupling end of the pipe over the hex shaft of the powered drive. Cut the other end of the pipe such that it will just clear the end of the second jack’s cross shaft. Cross drill a ⅜” hole approximately 1 inch from the end of the pipe. Slide the pipe over the second jack’s cross shaft and attach with a ⅜” x 2” long bolt and lock nut, Grade 5 (not included; see Figure 4). Torque to 18 ft. lbs. Make sure the jacks are in the same position in reference to the ground prior to final connection.

    Wiring Instructions:

  • To avoid accidental shock and/or damage to the electrical system, disconnect the battery ground cable.
  • Attach the terminal box to the trailer at a location that will allow for connection of the powered drive leads to the terminal box studs. See wiring diagram (Figure 5).
  • Attach the powered drive leads and the wiring harness leads to the terminal box studs. To protect the leads, enclose them in a section of non-split tubing or loom (included). 
  • Locate and attach the switch box of the wiring harness at a desired location on the trailer (mounting hardware not included).
  • Attach the battery leads to the terminal box studs. Attach the terminal box cover.
  • Reconnect the battery ground and test the op
  • Terminal box
  • Wiring harness & switch box
  • Hex coupling (not shown, required when using in a tandem jack application)
  • Weather resistant cover (not shown)
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Since 1920, the BULLDOG brand has been the choice of military and manufacturers everywhere. For all heavy-duty towing needs, BULLDOG is sure to deliver.

Gooseneck hitches, gooseneck couplers, trailer couplers and Wedge-Latch™ elements feature a high-strength, heavy-duty design that makes them the toughest trailer components available today. BULLDOG jacks in particular are built with uncompromising strength and materials engineered to hold up under rigorous working conditions.

The BULLDOG line is characterized by unmatched strength, reliability, safety and value. For your heavy-duty towing needs, count on BULLDOG to be Tough and Tested.

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