Tekonsha ModuLite® HD Plus Protector w/Integrated Circuit & Overload Protection, Trailer Light Power Module 119190

Tekonsha ModuLite® HD Plus Protector w/Integrated Circuit & Overload Protection, Trailer Light Power Module 119190

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Product Code: 119190
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  • Product Family Power Converters
  • Warranty 1 Year

Product Description

Tekonsha ModuLite® HD Plus Protector w/Integrated Circuit & Overload Protection, Trailer Light Power Module 119190 

Functional and compatible taillights on your trailer are absolutely essential while you tow. A converter provides a trailer wiring connecter on your vehicle by slicing into the vehicle€™s electrical system and helps in safe towing as it alerts other drivers on-road when you brake or make turns by illuminating the vehicle€™s lights. Tekonsha taillight converter has 4.2 amp stop light/turn signal circuit capacity and 7.5 amp taillight circuit capacity. The trailer taillight converter can adapt vehicles with separate turn and stop lights (3-wire system) to standard trailer taillight system (2-wire). It works with LED or Incandescent bulbs of vehicle & trailer. The taillight converter comes with a smart Short Circuit and Overload protection that protects itself as well as the towed vehicle from electrical mishaps during installation. The trailer taillight circuit works with vehicles that use a pulse width modulation (PWM), that allows the converter to turn on fully and gives the trailer lights full brightness while activation. The converter comes along with a protective cover that safeguards the unit against abrasion. It is compatible with Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW and can decode multiplex signal inputs. 

  • The unit is rated for up to 5.0 amps for Turns/Stops circuits and 7.5 amps for the Taillight circuit
  • Works on all vehicle types including Standard, PWM and/ or Multiplex systems
  • Has integrated, re-settable Short Circuit and Overload protection. Safeguards itself and the tow vehicle from shorts and installation wiring mishaps.
  • Draws power directly from the vehicle battery. Uses less than 5mA of the vehicle circuit for sensing to turn the trailer functions on and off.
  • Works with either LED and/or Incandescent bulbs (vehicle & trailer)
  • The trailer brakes will override the hazard lamps when the brake is activated
  • Will not work with vehicles with low-side switch
  • All solid-state components in a potted encapsulation.
  • Includes integrated protective cover
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About Tekonsha


Intelligent trailer braking is the key to the success of the Tekonsha product line. What began as a manufacturer of RV stairs and steps in 1964, Tekonsha has evolved to become a trusted name in towing safety. The core product line consists of brake controllers, electrical wiring and trailer brakes. The Tekonsha line has been trusted by professional towers and weekend warriors for worry-free travel.

Professional equestrian trainer, Stacy Westfall is sponsored by the Tekonsha line. Westfall trusts the safety of her horses with Tekonsha brake controls.

Smooth, predictable stopping at all speeds has made the Tekonsha Prodigy®, Primus® and Voyager® trailer brake controls the best in class and most popular on the market. No matter what you are towing, Tekonsha will help you stop it – Life is a journey, stop often.

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