Tekonsha ZCI„¢ Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite® - Robust Design Trailer Light Power Module w/ Sensor Technology - 119250

Tekonsha ZCI„¢ Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite® - Robust Design Trailer Light Power Module w/ Sensor Technology - 119250

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Product Code: 119250
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  • Product Family Power Converters
  • Warranty 1 Year

Product Description

Tekonsha ZCI„¢ Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite® - Robust Design Trailer Light Power Module w/ Sensor Technology - 119250

A breakaway system is installed in the trailer to ensure a safe stop in the event of it getting detached from the vehicle. The trailer brakes system requires accessories and tools like batteries, wires, and harness for a proper functioning. Similarly, a trailer light converter is an integral accessory in the breakaway system that is used for connecting the wires of a trailer onto the vehicle. It supplies power to the trailer€™s stop, tail, turn, and running lights by connecting it to the vehicle€™s battery. The Tekonsha ZCI„¢ Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite is the sensor technology and direct connection to the tow vehicle battery. The trailer lighting power module helps in isolating all the electrical connections with the trailer electrical system with a zero contact to the lighting system. The trailer light wiring module does not require cutting or splicing of the vehicle wires, owing to the construction of the product. The Tekonsha ZCI is compatible to work with PWM or Multiplexed systems that require 2 or 3 wire hook up. The Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite works accurately with low side switched vehicles and features integrated auto resetting short and overload protection. The Tekonsha Zero Contact Interface has a robust design that makes it easy for interior and exterior mounting.

  • ZCI is the only product in the industry that has ZERO contact with the vehicle€™s electrical system. Using sensors that easily snap around wires for no direct contact, when electrical current is detected lights are engaged.
  • Snap, Don€™t Snip„¢ €“ No cutting or splicing vehicle wiring!
  • Isolates trailer light operation from the tow vehicle€™s electrical system.
  • Eliminates all Interference and Electrical draw on vehicle€™s lighting system.
  • Works with 2- or 3-wire systems.
  • Works with PWM, Multiplexed systems with 2-wire or 3-wire hookup and Low side switched vehicles.
  • Works with all known vehicle wiring systems including D, LS, G and most N codes.
  • Rated for 4.2 amps for turn/stop & 7.5 amps for taillight trailer circuits.
  • Robust design allows for interior or exterior mounting.
  • Don€™t take the chance of damaging your vehicle. Snipping, cutting, or splicing your wires can lead to: Shorts and damaged wiring.
  • Blown fuses.
  • Warning lights and diagnostic codes.
  • Costly and time consuming repairs.
  • Expensive dealership code resets.
  • Our ZCI sensors easily snap over wires to detect an electrical current and engage trailer lights -- crucial for high-end vehicles with complex wiring in which snipping, cutting, or splicing voids the vehicle€™s electrical system warranty.
  • Have a leased vehicle? The ZCI is easy to remove without leaving any permanent damage. Take to your next vehicle with the same easy installation.

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Intelligent trailer braking is the key to the success of the Tekonsha product line. What began as a manufacturer of RV stairs and steps in 1964, Tekonsha has evolved to become a trusted name in towing safety. The core product line consists of brake controllers, electrical wiring and trailer brakes. The Tekonsha line has been trusted by professional towers and weekend warriors for worry-free travel.

Professional equestrian trainer, Stacy Westfall is sponsored by the Tekonsha line. Westfall trusts the safety of her horses with Tekonsha brake controls.

Smooth, predictable stopping at all speeds has made the Tekonsha Prodigy®, Primus® and Voyager® trailer brake controls the best in class and most popular on the market. No matter what you are towing, Tekonsha will help you stop it – Life is a journey, stop often.

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