IMPORTANT NOTE: Every lamp, reflex reflector, and conspicuity treatment must be permanently attached in the location specified below and must comply with all applicable requirements prescribed for it by FMVSS/CMVSS 108. The face of any device on the front/rear and sides should be, respectively perpendicular and parallel to the vehicle’s centerline, unless it is photometrically certified at installation angle. No part of the vehicle shall prevent any device from meeting its prescribed requirements unless an auxiliary device meeting all prescribed requirements is installed. In Canada: Manufacturers and importers of vehicles must have the proper certification test records demonstrating compliance of lighting components with all prescribed requirements.

This table summarizes lighting equipment requirements contained in Federal/Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108. While Horizon Global believes this to be an accurate summary of the latest printed information, the actual standard should be consulted for design or other such purposes. For complete compliance requirements consult Title 49 - Code of Federal Regulations-Section 571.108 (USA) or Section 108 of the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (Canada). State or Provincial regulations, where they may apply, have not been included. For more information contact: Transport Canada, Motor Vehicle Safety Enforcement Branch National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Office of Safety Performance Standards